Send Event

It allows you to insert events into streams. Right now events only support the ID3v2 format and only the LLHLS publisher handles it. Events delivered to LLHLS Publisher are inserted as emsg boxes within the m4s container.
http[s]://{Host}/v1/vhosts/{vhost name}/apps/{app name}/streams/{stream name}:sendEvent
"eventFormat": "id3v2",
"eventType": "video",
"frameType": "TXXX",
"info": "AirenSoft",
"data": "OvenMediaEngine"
"frameType": "TIT2",
"data": "OvenMediaEngine 123"
eventFormat  Currently only id3v2 is supported.
eventType (Optional, Default : event)   Select one of event, video, and audio. event inserts an event into every track. video inserts events only on tracks of type video. audio inserts events only on tracks of audio type.
events   It accepts only Json array format and can contain multiple events.
frameType     Currently, only TXXX and T??? (Text Information Frames, e.g. TIT2) are supported.  info    This field is used only in TXXX and is entered in the Description field of TXXX.  data    If the frameType is TXXX, it is entered in the Value field, and if the frameType is "T???", it is entered in the Information field.
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