Quick Start

This page provides the fastest way to check playback of WebRTC and LLHLS using OvenMediaEngine. For installation and detailed settings, please refer to other pages.

Run OvenMediaEngine

Run docker with the command below. OME_HOST_IP must be an IP address accessible by the player.

$ docker run --name ome -d -e OME_HOST_IP=Your.HOST.IP.Address \
-p 1935:1935 -p 9999:9999/udp -p 9000:9000 -p 3333:3333 -p 3478:3478 -p 10000-10009:10000-10009/udp \
Check Status

You can check the docker container status with the following command:

$ docker ps -f name=ome
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                              COMMAND                  CREATED              STATUS              PORTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NAMES
c9dd9e56d7a0   airensoft/ovenmediaengine:latest   "/opt/ovenmediaengin…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>1935/tcp, :::1935->1935/tcp, 80/tcp,>3333/tcp, :::3333->3333/tcp, 3334/tcp, 8080/tcp,>3478/tcp, :::3478->3478/tcp, 4000-4005/udp, 8090/tcp,>9000/tcp, :::9000->9000/tcp, 10010/udp,>9999-10009/udp, :::9999-10009->9999-10009/udp   ome

You can view the log with the command below. This is important because you can check the version of OvenMediaEngine that is running.

$ docker logs ome -f
[2023-03-06 08:01:24.810] I [OvenMediaEngine:1] Config | config_manager.cpp:239  | Trying to set logfile in directory... (/var/log/ovenmediaengine)
[2023-03-06 08:01:24.810] I [OvenMediaEngine:1] Config | config_manager.cpp:261  | Trying to load configurations... (origin_conf/Server.xml)
[2023-03-06 08:01:24.816] I [OvenMediaEngine:1] OvenMediaEngine | banner.cpp:23   | OvenMediaEngine v0.16.6 () is started on [ab3995acafd4] (Linux x86_64 - 5.13.0-44-generic, #49~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 18 18:44:28 UTC 2022)

Run OvenPlayer Demo

$ docker run -d -p 8090:80 airensoft/ovenplayerdemo:latest
Check Status

You can access the OvenPlayerDemo docker container with a browser as shown below.



Publish your live stream to OvenMediaEngine using a live encoder like OBS.

Ingest URLs

RTMP - rtmp://Your.Docker.Host.IP:1935/app/stream

SRT - srt://Your.Docker.Host.IP:9999?streamid=srt%3A%2F%2FYour.Docker.Host.IP%3A9999%2Fapp%2Fstream

WHIP - http://Your.Docker.Host.IP:3333/app/stream?direction=whip

The RTMP publishing address is :

Server rtmp://Your.Docker.Host.IP:1935/app

Stream Key stream

The settings below are recommended for ultra-low latency.


Keyframe Interval

1s (DO NOT set it to 0)

CPU Usage Preset







Open the installed OvenPlayer Demo page in your browser.


WebRTC Playback

Add ws://Your.Docker.Host.IP:3333/app/stream to the Playback URL and click the ADD SOURCE and LOAD PLAYER button to play the live stream with WebRTC.

LLHLS Playback

Add http://Your.Docker.Host.IP:3333/app/stream/llhls.m3u8 to the Playback URL and click the ADD SOURCE and LOAD PLAYER button to play the live stream with LLHLS.

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