OvenMediaEngine Enterprise is designed for enterprise user needs that cannot be addressed by open source, such as licensing issues and maintenance.
We have a principle of ensuring that there are no functional differences between the open source edition and the enterprise edition. This principle will be upheld. However, there may be exceptions where special features commissioned by the customer must be contractually(open source not allowed) included only in the Enterprise edition.

OvenMediaEngine Enterprise addresses the needs of:

The open source version could not use commercial codecs due to licensing issues.
OvenMediaEngine Enterprise is equipped with BEAMR's state-of-the-art codec. This allows you to provide a live stream service with better quality or lower bitrate. This has the effect of reducing the overall service operating cost.
Some users cannot get technical support in public forums due to security issues.
OvenMediaEngine Enterprise users can get technical support directly from OvenMediaEngine developers through private channels.
Some companies are not allowed to use the AGPLv3 license open source.
OvenMediaEngine Enterprise is available under a Commercial License.
Open Source is not guaranteed to be maintained.
OvenMediaEngine Enterprise guarantees maintenance for the duration of the contract.
Some users need utilities for operation such as web console.
OvenMediaEngine Enterprise users can use the Web Console System(Beta) that connects OvenMediaEngine API. Also, various utilities will be added in the future.



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